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We as an organization believe that “Prevention is always better than Cure”.The machines we deal with are the electrosurgical machines and we need to ensure the safety of the patients, to the fullest.
Many places in India face a problem in mains supply and likewise many other problems,due to which many a times the Output of the Electrosurgical machines is affected .So to make the best and optimum use of the machine, it is necessary to have a periodic servicing of the machine.(Atleast twice a year)Also the cords connected to machines undergo a lot of wear and tear, which directly/indirectly affects the machine output.
Servicing the machines not only includes improving the condition of the main unit but also servicing the connected cords. Thus servicing the machines periodically helps in maintaining the optimum condition of any machine

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC)