• Microprocessor Based High performance ESU.
  • Tissue response technology.
  • Monopolar, Bipolar Separate Sections.
  • Vessel Sealing System
  • Safety Saline Bipolar Cautery.
  • Universal adaptation for accessories & instrument.

Conventional TURP uses a monopolar electrocautery in which the following points need to be addressed which may affect the patients safety.
  • Burns (Improper Patient plate application).
  • Thermal spread (Since high Voltage : 6000 VPP approx).
  • Current leakage (Current passes through the body.)
  • Charring (Since high Voltage : 6000 VPP approx).
  • Hemostasis: (Deep penetration of electrode)

Conventional TURP Monopolar Verses Bipolar TURP
  • No Burns (No Patient Plate)
  • Less Thermal spread (less Voltage : 500 VPP approx).
  • Less Current leakage ( No patient plate so no current leakage).
  • No Charring (less Voltage : 500 VPP approx).
  • Reliable Hemostasis and minimal blood loss as (No Deep penetration of electrode)